The Road Ahead

Conclusion: The Road Ahead I think it’s obvious by now that the Octopus Question has no solution, only more questions. But it’s still the case that octopuses are at least as bad as terrorists in most U.S. cities, and in many, twice as bad. (Twice as many limbs to use for evil purposes, for example.) But somehow, even though the information is right in front of them, most of our countrymen prefer to snuggle with their wife and kids and ignore the threat that looms before and above them like it weren’t there at all.

Ignorance may be bliss, but it is also a grave problem—because knowledge is power, and with power comes responsibility. Responsibility to act. Responsibility to fight: to fight, with courage and valor. Responsibility to fellow man. An octopus has eight tentacles, and knows how to use them. So, too, must we know how to use the tools that God has given us: our friendships and relationships; our brains and skills; our ability to create technologies that will stand the test of time. This fight will not be easy, nor will it be waged on the cheap. But it must be fought, and, indeed, won. The Octopus is not the Hydra: cut off its head, and two more will not appear. It is merely a question of whether we can marshal our resources and act with sufficient speed. We are down—but not out.

Are we our brother’s keeper? Only time will tell.

Thanks to PBS for help with this part. "The Octopus Show," produced by Ronnie Godeanu, Nature, WNET Video (Burlington, VT), broadcast on PBS 2003.